West Central Railway Reservation

Did you know that the Railways of our country are divided into 17 zones. Western Railway zone is considered to be the busiest zone of them all. The beauty of this zone is that it travels through mountains, forests, beautiful western states of our country and runs parallel to the Western Ghats and the gigantic Arabian sea and then connects the central zone of our country. This connectivity has enabled good travel and transportation from the western to central part our country and vice versa. You will be enthralled to see the diversity of our country when you travel on this railway line. If you planning to visit any destinations on this line then you should do your west central railway reservation.

About West Central Railways

The west central railways came into being on 4th July, 2002 and runs in its speed till today.  The most important routes that fall under this zone include the following: Ratlam- Mumbai, Ahmedabad- Mumbai, Palanpur- Ahmedabad. This railway line is further divided into six operating divisions- Ratlam, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Rajkot and Bhavnagar. The Vadodara Junction which is situated on this railway line is one of the many busiest junctions of Indian Railways. It connects the two lines of Delhi and Mumbai.

Vadodara Junction

Vadodara Junction | Image Resource: flickr.com

The headquarters of West Central Railways in situated in Jabalpur. The west central railways connects Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan,

Places to visit in West Central Railways

If you are a flora-fauna person, then you might enjoy this ride over the western region of our country. Beauty is a word through which you can describe your journey. There are many destinations on Western Railways that will take your breath away. On this line you will find home to a lot of wildlife reservations like the Ranthambore, Bandhavgarh, etc. This place is blessed with history. You will find palaces, tombs, historical places all along this line.

West Central Railway Reservation

West Central Railway Reservation | Image Resource: india.com

If you are devotional, then you will find this western zone full of temples and serene places. The greenery and huge forests will surely blow off your minds.

Passenger booking on the West Central Railway line

You can book for the west central railway reservation ticket by a west central railway reservation system. Due to technology you can book your tickets online. This is a hassle free process and you do not need to stand in long queues to get your turn. You can choose your seat according to the west central railway reservation seat availability. After booking your ticket you can check west central railway reservation status. The entire process of booking, getting PNR and receiving tickets is made easy and convenient to passengers.

Passenger Facilities

When you do your West Central railway reservation, you will enjoy all the amenities to make your travel a memorable one. The West Central Line provides passengers with online train schedules, train status, PNR status. If you have any occasion at home, or travelling with friends and family, then you can speak to the status master and book an entire coach on this particular line. This makes your travel even more relaxing.

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