Spend Quality Time On Morni Hills at Chandigarh

Morni Hills is one of the most favourite destinations for people to enjoy picnics and short trips throughout the year. It is a preferred choice as it is the only hill station of Haryana. This beautiful place is about 45 kms, and so it takes around an hour to reach from Chandigarh.

The drive to this place is also a beautiful one, with picturesque forest, forest cover, hill track, pine trees and other beautiful views on the way. The place has a perfect mountain surrounding with plain and hill vegetation that makes this hill a really beautiful spectacle.

Shivalik RangeShivalik Range | Image Resource : britannica.com

Location and activities

The Morni village is beautifully located at the mountainside. Morni is ideal for holiday as it is located at the lower reaches of Shivalik range. This awesome natural beauty is located around 3600 feet about the sea level. Here you can get involved in activities like adventure sports, rock climbing, bird watching, trekking, and on. You can do whatever you want in this beautiful space and get connected with the nature. The cool climate here will help you to relax and revitalize.

Natural beauty of these hills

There are two beautiful lakes here, and even though they are separated by a hillock they seem to be connected mysteriously. There is a hidden channel under them that connects them and so the water levels remain the same in both the lakes.

There is a wide range of flora and fauna in Morni hills and the travelers will always find something new and exciting in this place. On top of that there are also various flowering trees around the hills and when these blossom the sight is simple spectacular. On the other hand, there are also animals like jackals, sambhar, hyenas and even a couple of jungle cats.

What are the reasons to visit this place?

Apart from being naturally beautiful, there are various other reasons why you need to consider visiting this place. Mentioned below are some of the reasons that you can consider:

  • The lakes are considered to be sacred by the locals and the Morni hills are set around these lakes.
  • It is one of the ex Chandigarh/Ambala gateway.
  • These hills are the offshoots of the Shivalik range and are at about 3600 feet about the sea.

Apart from the natural beauty of this place, the drive to this place will also be memorable for many years.

Lowest AirfaresLowest Airfares | Image Resource : foxnews.com

Get good deals on airfares

Chandigarh airport is the closest airport to Morni hills, and it is one of the most comfortable and preferred ways to reach Morni hills. The travel portals will help you to get the lowest airfares to your destination and book your tickets much before time.

It is recommended to book your tickets much in advance if you want to get good deals, and usually the air fares on the weekdays are less expensive compared to the weekends. So make sure that you visit the Morni Hills next time you visit Chandigarh.


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