Chennai Travel – Visit to the Ancient Dravidian Temples

I love to visit historical places in India. I have visited many different cities and region in India but one of the places which I always wanted to visit was Chennai. It is one of the regions which are known for its ancient architectural heritage. I wanted to explore this place as much as I could. So, I planned a trip to Chennai and decided to visit all amazing places in and around Chennai.

Taj Mahal – Historical places in India | Image Resource :

I had to travel from Goa for this journey. Goa is very well connected with Chennai by both train and air routes. I checked the best flight options and got tickets at very cheap prices online. I had booked economy class tickets from indigo Airlines. Indigo is one of the best low cost airlines in India. It has several direct flights in this route. I booked a morning flight to Chennai.

Indigo Flight from Goa

For the travel I had also booked in-flight meal along with online booking. The sandwich and coffee served onboard by Indigo came in very handy and refreshed me for the travel. Baggage Allowance of Indigo Airlines is also one of the best in the region. They allowed me to carry 7 kg hand bag and 20 kg checked in luggage. It was a 2 hours flight and it reached Chennai International Airport on time.

Hotel Stay in Chennai

Hotels near Marina Beach

After landing in Chennai I took a cab straight to reach the hotel. I had made an advance booking at one of the hotels near Marina Beach. Marina Beach is the prime hotspot of the city and many amazing hotels are there like

  • Quality Inn Sabari
  • The Ambassador
  • Hotel Dee Cee Manor
  • Raj Park Chennai
  • The Residency Towers
  • The Royal Regency
  • Vestin Park

I had booked one of the prominent luxury hotels for the stay. Its services and facilities were impeccable. I liked the in room amenities and also the hospitality of its staffs. The hotel also had its own in-house restaurant with all kinds of dishes and specialities from different regions of the world. The hotel I had booked is an ideal stay for both the business and the leisure travellers. It made me relax to enjoy the historical places in and around Chennai.

Visit to Tirupati Temples

Chennai and its surrounding cities are known for its temples. I wanted to visit some of the temples which are built in the ancient Dravidian Style. So I planned a visit to Tirupati. Tirupati is located near Chennai and is known as a city of Temples. There are many temples here which are dedicated to different gods like Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lord Rama, Lord Venkateshwara, Alumelu, Govindaraja Swamy, Sri Ganesha and Varaha Swamy.

I visited all these temples. Some of them were in Tirupati while others were located at a distance of 30 to 40 km from the city of Tirupati. I loved their architecture which was brilliant to say the least. They were also worth photographing and keeping their pictures as a memory for long time to come.


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